The Giver

A phone call with news that took away all her breath

Scant details, but announced her big brothers’ death

She had got to know him once, long ago

He killed a man and was in prison six states below

They had random visits thanks to a sister by half

She enjoyed their time, their talks, shared laughs

A trip to pick up mail brought tears and a strain

The small, heavy box was marked “Human Remains”

She drove out in late evening, camped alone in the dark

Got to a crossroads and made the left choice to park

With tie-died blanket, photos, letters, and beer

She created a shrine, centered on the box that held the one she held dear

She wailed – truly wailed – and wrote him one last time

While the ravens and river otter watched, bees busy at hive

She slowly unveiled his remains and waded into the river

And in gentle arches she released him back to The Giver

D n A

14 thoughts on “The Giver

  1. Reblogged this on Echo LaVeaux and commented:
    My younger brother disowned the family years ago. I know he still lives, but he’s been dead to me for so long now that I can’t quite believe he’s still around. This poem resonates deeply with a not-quite-healed, open wound in the center of my heart. Just gorgeous.

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    • I doubt the hole in my heart will ever completely heal. My brother was killed on July 31st of this year, and although he was a scary dude, he was always dear to me and I loved him. I am glad this piece resonated with you. We are not alone, for we have each other!

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      • I’m so sorry to hear this. That’s so incredibly tragic. I hope that your heart heals over time. Just be sure to allow yourself to grieve. And you are so right about this…we are definitely not alone!

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  2. within each line speaks of whisper to the other side….
    I can only empathize for no words can really say what rushes through the emotions of one’s spirit …
    your words are filled with love as you wander in your grief…
    know I am around…
    Take Care…You Matter…

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