Love in Ten Lines – Challenge

I bet on love,

Love let me down,

I love on anyway.

Sweet love come here

Lovingly sweep the crumbs

Of that love lost.

Fill my breast, Love!

Feed my soul, Love!

Love me despite me,

Let love rule again.

Thank you to Leon of Solitary Thinkers for the nomination.  The rules are simple:

Write 10 lines

Use the word “love” in each line

Use only 4 words per line

Title it “Love in Ten Lines”

Nominate 10 other Bloggers (I’m choosing not to do this, but please take the challenge if you are reading this!}

5 thoughts on “Love in Ten Lines – Challenge

  1. So this is beautiful, and although I can’t accept the challenge because of the limitations associated to 4 word lines, I’m much to wordy, I will think long and hard about what you wrote, and your life and wonderful Leon’s and I will write something wrapped around the following song, for it reminds me of you all! 🙂

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