12th House Pluto

Pulling Back

Come, let’s join hearts and hands

Sail together to peaceful lands

You are not you, I am not me

We are actually one body

Souls joined in the Divine

Meeting again across all time

Contracts for these lives, we agreed

To this particular experience, you see

A heavy load we now carry

Past lives we played and tarried

Maybe we were the first to say

“After me, to hell with your decay”

Now we are here to balance the scales

The breath of our cries will lift the sails

We will absolutely make it past Pluto

Thanks to a sun-kissed type of Leo

A peaceful warrior unknown to most

Can heal us all as the ultimate host

So come, let’s celebrate

We are learning to bend and break

Old cycles needed correction

We can sail far on our shared connection

Real love, real hope, however life bites

We can be healed within each night

Be birthed new in moon glow

Given the energy we need to go

Through the next lesson we have to learn

Like how to have power and not burn

Learning to use this darkness for good

We can heal the collective sisterhood

Our contracts have meaning after all

Without them we would continue to fall

Karma will forever have Her way

So come, let’s cry together and sail away

sailing in the clouds

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

~winged woman, 20 May 15

3 thoughts on “12th House Pluto

  1. Dark times come and go, but sometimes scar the soul. God has a plan, even in times I can’t see. By faith in that, broken wings can one day soar, and scars can open doors. I pray your healing come quickly, and that you find those open doors.

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