Crawl quietly back into bed
Pull the covers over my head

Mothers’ words have cut again
Twisted reasoning without end

Must. Remain. Here. for now
As soon as possible, take a bow

Breathe to release the energy
Don’t let this become my destiny

Weave and mend the web of life
Summon courage to end strife

6 thoughts on “Web

  1. Again this mom here shit herself
    in Arta’s absence. Words of hurt.

    We run for her as lights goes down.
    Too many threats for us to drown.

    All night we’re up, days full of plight.
    Where is the Light? It’s we! No lie.

    Hug us now tight; do feel our might.
    Sweet winged baby, we’re by your side.

    ((( ❤ ❤ ❤ )))

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  2. And in the back there’s David too
    Silently watching over you

    The sword of truth rests at his side
    And those who lie should surely hide

    No excuse will ever do
    He only sees that she hurt you

    But now she’s fled and we’ll stand guard
    They in the house, me in the yard
    Should she so silly, dare to return,
    She’ll find my sword so cold it burns.

    Sleep well.

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  3. Hello my friend, I’ve added a new comment here because I wanted to let you know that I’ve challenged you to join me in “The Quote Challenge” and if you are at all interested in participating with me, you can get all the details and information at the following posting of Vancouver Visions. I’m getting so old and forgetful that I have to give you the link the old-fashioned way, so you’ll need to use the alphanumeric code rather than my site name. Pretty sad huh? Lol. Anyway, this will get you there. http://wp.me/p52sKy-gtH

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  4. I think, my Winged Friend, that the time has come, we should not delay. If you have not got those Windows co-operating with the world yet, leave a destination for me to send this package to. I think our friends need it as soon as possible, and if there is anything else I can do, let me know, and I will try my best.


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