Most of these writing come from painful places in my heart and soul.  I was a neglected child who was sexually & physically abused by several men, two of them step-fathers.  I was delighted to have a chance to get to know my biological father in my early twenties; finally a man who showed me love without expecting something from me in return!  I was later crushed to learn he had molested his own two step-daughters.

The severity and duration of my abuse has resulted in diagnosis of clinical depression, insomnia, panic/anxiety disorder, and a touch of bi-polar disorder which add up to an umbrella diagnosis of PTSD.

During the last half of 2014 my cousin committed suicide and my brother was killed during a shoot-out with a police officer; some say it was suicide-by-cop.  This power of these events sent me into a downward spiral that I am currently fighting.  These loses also spurred me to write and I have been pleasantly shocked by how much it helps.  I will always be grateful to ladybluerose who introduced me to WordPress and encouraged me to write what was being felt.

In early 2015 my bio-father died from alcoholism.  My grief over the three deaths has become intertwined so a thought about one will trigger an avalanche of grief.

I visit a counselor weekly and take medication to help alleviate the  most pressing symptoms so that I can focus more energy into regaining a stable mental and physical “place”.  Earlier in my life I was very, very, and even very(!) anti-meds, however now I am thankful for them as I can see their purpose.

My grown son is my biggest accomplishment and greatest joy.  I’m calling this stage of life “Vicki 3.0” and am doing my best to look forward instead of back.

I am trying to find a simple way to get through a complicated life.  I am not a person who has kept journals or written, so this is a new experience/experiment for me.  I hope you will feel free to provide constructive feedback and enjoy going on this journey with a newbie.  I apologize in advance if the blog is visually boring.  I am not a super creative person.

Peace & Hugs,

Winged Woman

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  1. Sharing is what WordPress is all about. And your writing is not simple, for words have great power, and also create a place to heal. When you express your heart, you are adjusting what you feel. A place to release, gain or create your hearts desire. Follow your heart, the truth within that you feel, and it will guide your path.
    I am looking forward to ‘feeling’ your journey.
    And above all, enjoy it, for the sharing on WordPress is a way to be your truth without fear of censure. As long as you don’t rip into someone, mind you, we can say the wrong thing at times, but it’s all about the intent, and everyone allows that because we’re all different on where we’re coming from 🙂
    Good luck!

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  2. Birds, Angels … are they not one and the same? I love the expression – does the bird fly because it has wings or does it have wings because it can fly – ? Welcome to WordPress Winged Woman – Mary Rose made the recommendation, and has keen intuition. Writing is easy when life is hard, its hard when life is easy … I’ll be around …

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  3. Dear lady,
    If the two poems I first read on your site are any indication, then you have just begun to tap your creativity, which is obviously (to me) a very deep well…. The second poem, The Giver, is wonderful; personal, with evocative imagery, especially at the last, when she enters the water… though I’m NOT a religious person, I know the solace it can provide for people, and The Giver isn’t a bad name for a god,,,,

    As to the visual look of your blog, no apologies needed…. It looks fine, very much the same as my own, though with a different background…. for me, the essence of a blog is in the text, so….

    I saw above that Mary Rose (Lady Blue Rose, I believe…) recommended you to another blogger, and I couldn’t agree more with his comment as to her intuition… or her beautiful spirit..

    I will be back, but wanted to let you know, we’re all Word Press family, and I have yet to find any buttheads…. and, after you’ve read my blog a while, you will know I”m not shy about calling a spade a spade… none here on WordPress, as far as I can tell… So, welcome… 🙂

    You’ll hear from me again… in fact, sometimes, it’s hard to shut me up…. 😉

    Take care, & blessed be….

    Ned, aka gigoid, the dubious


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  5. I did not think of your blog as visually boring. Sometimes simplicity is a good thing. The bird photos is beautiful. Your strength is in your writing. I admire your courage to be real and to embark on this journey of writing and healing.

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