Would You Come


Would you come if I sent for you

Leave all behind and start new

Break ties with friends and family

Move to the states and travel with me

Be free roaming spirits, hearts a-lift

We three sharing our gifts

Blessing each other and strangers too

Becoming one with natures’ truth

Traveling this country in an RV

Wondering at Her majestic beauty

Teaching and learning everywhere we go

Be it dry deserts or mountains with snow

Bathing in Her rivers, singing in Her woods

Sighing at the taste of star-speckled foods

Laughing and crying at remembered old lives

Helping to erase each others’ hard lines

Finding new life and fresh lungs full of air

Renewing our souls without any cares

Remaking our joined worlds into something

Finding escape from the meaningless nothing

Stop the ruin and the struggles

Be like children that need nightly snuggles

Share in love and life without strife

Wonder at it all and believe in the night

Would you leave all behind and start new

Would you come if I sent for you

~winged woman, 23 March 15


From Fear to Light aka Peek-a-Boo with my brother


Pssst.  Jare dsa qoiujd & znoornne aj fjksdf.  Vod6j g6 olkpj[6o.  Uy[j fp y[ssl6f6ujd jd[ 5l3  =;yj ???

Yes, I hear you speaking thru the veil, but can not make out your words.  Your time in this realm, the life you had, is gone.  It’s time for you to move along.

Nyero or xznouf l ouoeu aou q znm.  Ndn!  Uouctnej!!

No, you can not stay with me.  You need to begin again.  Please take with you the most important lesson for next time:  things were NOT done TO you, you created them yourself.  Things were the result of your own doings.

Uqeriop o cxznidfnej eoicuen qne e nvfjn njk rrgn gfdnr nvnkjl.

I know, you lost.  I understand you don’t understand that you lost.  What a novel emotion!  The frustration  and fear of the veil is one of the few things I understand.  Leave me be and let go of your anger and fear.  Move along with the others who you see passing.  Follow them.  Know that each step I take on my path will leave you more and more frustrated because I am moving slowly past you and away from your touch. 

Noreavr, o nvoufne u,ik is anenelud * 48nr aoiujr e anenendouv ej. Psst!  Psst!!  Gew k;ui rwe kellves ve sedi ;;yg;u!!

Just stop.  I’m not listening to any more of your whispering words.  I will help you find the way tonight.  I just need some time to read, to center myself, to create a space that will allow my energy to strengthen.  I miss you, but will not miss your whispers.  It’s time for you to start a new journey.  For now that is all I can tell you.  Leave me be, give me time to breathe so I can get strong enough.  Just stop your nonsense.  You lost the life you had and I will not allow you to hang onto me  and mine any more.

Vio;ti!!  Innjk!!!  Nop, enov e morm ovf p nboeudfe!!!

  Yes, for once I have the power in our relationship and can now see that your anger comes from a place of fear.  Which means I no longer have need to be afraid of you.  Don’t get use to it….just get.

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 ps., thanks grandfathersky for helping me find courage

Patience and Trust

Merging Traffic

There are realities
you will not understand
until it is time
for you to understand them.
There are truths
you will not speak
until it is time
for you to speak them.
There are decisions
you cannot make
until it is time
for you to make them.
Be patient and trust.
Let your life unfold
as it must,
and in the unfolding
remember always you are
unconditionally loved.

© 2015 Dennis Ference

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