Definition of Winged

wing ~ verb
past tense: winged; past participle: winged
  1. travel on wings; fly.
    “a bird came winging around the corner”
    synonyms: fly, glide, soar

    “a seagull winged its way over the sea”
    • move, travel, or be sent quickly, as if flying.
      “the prize will be winging its way to you soon”
      synonyms: hurtle, speed, shoot, whiz, zoom, streak, fly

      “the bomb winged past”
    • send or convey (something) quickly, as if by air.
      “just jot down the title on a postcard and wing it to us”
    • archaic ~ enable (someone or something) to fly or move rapidly.
      “the convent was at some distance, but fear would wing her steps”
  2. shoot ~ so as to prevent flight without causing death.
    “one bird was winged for every bird killed”
    • wound (someone) superficially, especially in the arm or shoulder.
      synonyms: wound, graze, hit

      “the hunter only winged the hawk”
  3. informal ~ speak or act without preparation; improvise.
    “a little boning up puts you ahead of the job seekers who try to wing it”
    synonyms: improvise, play it by ear, extemporize, ad lib,fly by the seat of one’s pants,fake it

    “if you don’t know all the words, just wing it”


    My birth name is Vicki, however Winged fits better for I am made up of a part of each definition shown above… perhaps a tad more of the wounded bit, but aren’t we all.

2 thoughts on “Definition of Winged

  1. I think your definitions have inspired me to write you a little poem. I hope you don’t mind.
    “Upon the darkness she winged her way
    Into the meadow where I lay
    Her silken satchel at my side she laid
    Which contained the lovely words I’d say
    To all who would ask of me that day
    I’d ask her if she could not stay
    My muse would kiss me, turn, and wing away.”
    Oh well, I tried. And by the way, the word suits you perfectly as far as I can tell.

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