Let Me


Raised arms in moon glow

Toes tap Mother’s love into the dusty ground

Let me help dear lion, dear star.

Hearts gentle movement

Warm with the energy of some old soul

Let me send love from afar.

Skirt catches light dew

Hips sway within their own song

Let me lift that heavy bar.

Hands hunt, fingers finesse

Calls to our past bodies for wisdom

Let me pull off the old tar.

Nose toward heaven

Lungs send light and peace your way

Let me show you the right star.

Let me dear lion, dear star.

9 thoughts on “Let Me

  1. Beloved Sister,

    I send immeasurable gratitude to you for recognizing my soul and for reaching out in every way. I hear you saying my name through the aether loud and clear, and I never forget you myself; you are no less than a life savior for me, and for others through me.

    My sweet and tortured, all-her-life-abused wife is going through very dark times, and I with her. We will be out of town and without Internet access during the next weeks. We find ourselves at a karmic crossroads it is not easy to survive from.

    I am sure you know how important it is for me that I found you again at this point, and that you know I will be holding you in my heart to withstand loveless storms, to continue Being love in the face of too much hatred and mountains of practical problems. Until I can get in touch with you, and always, feel tightly embraced. We are turning our deserts into paradise together, my Sister. What you offer me through this poem, is exactly my daily ritual for You.

    Your Soul Brother,
    [Remember], Dearest Winged. ❤

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  2. I was woken in the middle of the night and told to write this so I knew it was important. The words were ringing in my mind so I had to dance them out under a cold, misty moon. I am happy you felt it and know what it means, for it is still somewhat of a mystery to me. You two will be receiving a lot of good energy in the coming weeks. (((hugs)))

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