What it’s Like


See that tiny ant stuck in that puddle of pop

Imagine climbing and struggling but never reaching the top

Then you really might know what it’s like

To have thoughts that leave you feeling nothing but blight


See the light hiding behind dark clouds with rain to come

Imagine moments with your son being the only bright moments to be won

Then you might really know what it’s like

To live under the power of depression in a life with little light


See that young goose eating her own eggs for food

Imagine maternal love twisted against you, sexual paternal love is nothing new

Then you might know what it’s really like

To know what’s wrong and still be confused about what’s right


See that bee bouncing off the window screen

Imagine having wings without being able to free your being

Really then you might know what it’s like

To feel trapped while your abuser lives a carefree life

winged woman, 18 May 15

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